Fargo Public Schools Development Foundation - Engaging the Community. Fostering Opportunity.
Our Mission:
To provide Fargo Public Schools students, teachers, and staff with enriched and enhanced learning experiences.

Helping Teachers and Students
Education is and has always been a top priority of our society for good reason.  Without a well-rounded and challenging education, our children will be hard pressed to lead our nation into the future and compete for jobs in the global marketplace.
"Quality education is the key to our democracy..."
Thomas Jefferson uttered these words more than two centuries ago, but they are still true today.
The Foundation was established in 2000 and works to secure a variety of resources to enrich and enhance the quality of education provided  Fargo Public Schools. 
This funding allows for innovative or cutting edge educational programs and projects—the kind of programs and projects that challenge teachers to take their students to the next level of learning and encourage students to push themselves to higher academic achievements. 
Our educational grants and programs enrich children’s lives, helping them to grow, learn and enter the world more confident and better prepared to compete in the 21st century.
The Foundation is a nonprofit organization, governed by an independent board of directors.  We are supported with tax-deductible annual and endowment gifts from alumni, businesses, service clubs, parents, current and former school district staff, and the Fargo community.
We invite you to take some time to examine our site and learn more about our programs, our mission, our goals and how you can help.  Thanks for your interest in this important work!
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